FastAOP framework: Installation

FastAOP supports only load time weaving, but in an very performant manner. This means you don't need a special compiler.

FastAop needs only one jar (fastaop-[Version].jar) with no dependencies! In fast aop you need to define a deploy directory where you jar-files with aspects are deployed to (and the jar dependencies for the aspect classes).

We assume that your fastaop-[Version].jar is in 'D:\performance\fastaop-1.0.jar'. We assume that your aspect deploy directory is in 'D:\performance\aspects'

This are the steps you need to setup your application to run with fastAOP:

Plain java application:

Add this to the JVM arguments:

-Xbootclasspath/a:D:\performance\fastaop-1.0.jar -Dfastaop-path=D:\performance\aspects 

Jboss Application server:

Add this line of code to your run.bat/ and put the fastaop-1.0.jar to the $SERVER_INSTALLATION$/lib folder. The perfmon.jar and your aspect jars can be deployed under $SERVER_INSTALLATION$/fast-aop-aspects

 rem Enable FastAOP with JBoss
 set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Xbootclasspath/a:%JBOSS_HOME%\lib\fastaop-1.0.jar 
     -Dfastaop-path=%JBOSS_HOME%\fast-aop-aspects -javaagent:%JBOSS_HOME%\lib\fastaop-1.0.jar

IBM Websphere Application Server

Go to the Websphere admin console to 'Generic Jvm Arguments' under Application servers > server1 > Process Definition >JVM Arguments) and set the following line:

-Xbootclasspath/a:D:\performance\fastaop-1.0.jar -Dfastaop-path=D:\performance\aspects